To provide products and services that help prevent and reconcile losses from personal adversity and organizational pain.

  • Create a new forum to cultivate awareness about the toxic realities of today’s workplaces
  • Teach new models and skills to guide us through turbulent times
  • Redefine success within moral and spiritual boundaries
  • Transform culture of work groups and families

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We're so glad you're visiting our site and hope you will visit us often. These are turbulent times. We are here because we want to share with you new tools to endure well despite the adversity we face. If you're looking for a quick-fix, this isn't the place. We're not about finding success in 7, 12, 20, easy or 100 hard steps. If it were that simple, we wouldn't be here.

HEROWORKS® is a place we can learn to understand and transcend the toxic nature of the world in which we live. Much of our pain is self-inflicted, but we do not recognize our own involvement as naive accomplices in our difficulties. Most people do better when they know better.

The hero’s journey is to find harmony by making careful, consistent, unapologetic moral choices regardless of circumstances and by learning the lessons we need to learn. Only then may we experience the change of heart necessary to make lasting course corrections at work and at home.

Even our most difficult experiences become gifts—if we learn the lessons we need to learn. As the darkness prepares us for dawn, and winter for spring, from disharmony unity is born.


The Hero’s Journey


What People Say About Vivian Zabriskie

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Vivian Zabriskie, worklife strategist, personal coach,and founder of The HEROWORKS® Company has been helping people discover solutions to their problems for twenty-five years.

Vivian graduated with a degree in psychology from Winston-Salem State University and earned a Master of Organizational Behavior degree from Brigham Young University.

What she enjoys most is spending time with her husband and family of six children and 13 grand-children. She lives in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.


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