“Vivian Zabriskie’s work is both timely and essential. I have provided consulting in numerous corporate settings for over fifteen years. All of these organizations have one thing in common: employees who experience significant pain and frustration from their organizational life. Pain that keeps them up at night. Pain that robs them of their health. Pain that impacts their closest relationships. Pain that destroys productivity and competitiveness. Employees must gain the skills to understand organizational life and thrive even with the unwanted pain.

Vivian’s work is central to understanding organizations, the pain they create and the principles to rising above them. The need is there. The benefit is great. All we need to do is provide them with Vivian’s message.”

—Kreig C. Smith
Owner, Redwood Consulting

“For the record, I found the writing highly engaging.”

—Jan Miller, Literary Agent
Dupree, Miller & Associates
(Stephen Covey’s agent)

“Ms. Zabriskie makes some highly interesting and provocative points and sets them forth with becoming conviction.”

—Bruce Tracy, Senior Editor
Random House

“This is such a valuable message, and the timing is right for this book. I think millions of people will love this message; so many people feel trapped by their circumstances at work.”

—Alan Checketts, President
Organizational Leadership

“I am struck by how well—and how passionately—you write.”

—Jerry B. Harvey
Professor of Management Science
The George Washington University

“This is the kind of book that can change you. It makes you want to be a better person.”

—Stacy Keith
Instructional Designer

“I think you were inspired when you wrote this book.”

—David Storey, Owner
David Storey and Associates

“Vivian is a dynamo who came to us bringing inspiration, knowledge, management skills, and a wealth of experience. We all felt warmed by her spirit and encouraged to start a powerful membership drive . . .She has helped us more than we can say.”

—Jim Woodward President, North Carolina Mental Health Association

“Because of keen intelligence, dedication, hard work, and effective leadership, our Association developed and prospered, becoming the most outstanding chapter in the state and winning numerous awards. Because of her noted competence, she was invited to serve as a national consultant and trainer in mental health.”

—Thomas Elmore
Professor of Psychology, Wake Forest University

“You were a delightful, helpful, and very informed instructor. Although the information was the purpose of the training, you made it a success. Thank you.”

—Workshop participant in Influence

“Thank you. At first I felt this training would be a waste. Now I’m looking forward to starting the unit.”

—Workshop participant in Team Building

Vivian with Stephen Covey at Sundance, Utah

one of the most frequent and frustrating challenges is found in working out the subtle relationship between the individual and the organization. The love-hate dilemma faced by so many people derives from the potential power for an enormous constructive contribution from our organizational involvement juxtaposed to an often equally potent potential power for destruction. Whether this organizational encounter is positive or negative depends to a large degree on how the individual defines and manages the interface.

In Vivian Zabriskie’s thoughtful account of her own organizational odyssey we can learn much about the problems and the opportunities we all face in the variety of organizations encountered every day in addition to the overpowering presence of our work organization. In this book we see a very honest and painful learning process as each challenge is turned into an important learning experience. While her specific solutions may not fit everyone’s situation, her personal achievement and general framework can be both useful and inspirational for all of us.

In addition to the attitude and mind-set needed to cope with organizations, Zabriskie offers a set of very pragmatic skills that can be helpful in this empowering/hero quest. Would that we all might develop the commitment to manage our own organizational roles as well as helping others to find a better way that Vivian Zabriskie has described in this sensitive work.”

J. Bonner Ritchie
Professor of Organizational Behavior (Ret.), Brigham Young University
Dean, School of Business, Utah Valley State College

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