Model of True/False Hero and Victim




Individuals who are physically,
mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or
intellectually handicapped by the
unrighteous dominion, coercion,
control, violence, and abuse inflicted
upon them.

Individuals who use their
handicaps as excuses to
— demand entitlements.
— avoid personal change.
— vent their rage and anger.
— manipulate and control others.


Individuals who turn their
weaknesses into strengths through
self-control, positive mental attitude,
discipline, and inner integrity (or
spiritual life). Then they forgive their
victimizers and try to help them
through compassion, setting
boundaries, open dialogue, and
bonds of reciprocity.

Individuals who turn their strengths
into weaknesses by trying to justify
and legitimize the use of power
outside of the bonds and controls
of compassion, mutual reciprocity,
open dialogue, and personal
integrity. Outside of these bounds,
power becomes a destructive and
dysfunctional force on everyone
involved with it because it enables
their unrighteous lusts and desires.

Copyright © 2002 Vivian Ellis Zabriskie

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