“I ‘stand all amazed’ at the work you have done. In Search of Harmony: Becoming Your Own Hero at Work is, in my estimation, nothing short of brilliant. I urge you—as if you need urging—to waste no time in making this available to the world.

May I just say . . . this entire manuscript is thick, rich (like fine maple syrup), sinfully dense (like the best hot fudge) . . . and best savored slowly. I love the picturesque images and the nourishing depth of your thought. I can’t wait to get my own copy!”

—Susan Eliason, Consultant/Author

“The genius of the book is the combination of Vivian’s personal hero journey and the “U” shaped figure that depicts the journey that has been Vivian’s personal experience, but it is also generalizable to numerous others. The book’s message is full of passion—passion for life, passion for God, passion for people, passion for growth, and passion for renewal.”

—Carl Harris, Professor of Pedagogy
Department of Education
Brigham Young University



Free read! Read Vivian Zabriskie’s unvarnished truth about the challenge of working in these turbulent times. Learn about the sources of organizational pain and how to deal with the grief, anger, sadness, and frustration in your worklife.

In Search of Harmony: Becoming Your Own Hero at Work gives readers:

— A comprehensive analysis of the toxic nature of their worklife, providing insight and understanding about the new realities of the workplace in the 21st century.

Models for a personal healing journey— concepts she arrived at as a professional for 25 years. After more than 12 years of research and pondering these issues, she identifies

  • The sources and frequency of adversity and organizational pain including 20 myths and numerous misconceptions that derail us;
  • Self-defeating and self-perpetuating responses to the toxicity we encounter;
  • Eight stages of the hero's journey at work within new parameters of success;
  • Principles, self-assessment tools, and prevention skills enabling us to make savvy choices and to accept personal responsibility for our victimization.
  • New paradigms and personal stories that replace traditional power with spiritual power.



In today’s world, can you afford
not to read this book?
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